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The Dead Live at Verizon Center on 2009-04-14

Set 1:

01. Cassidy
02. Passenger
03. Pride Of Cucamonga
04. Easy Wind (Warren vocals)
05. Lazy River Road
06. Alabama Getaway (Warren vocals)
07. Big Railroad Blue

Set 2 (Acoustic):

01. Peggy-O (acoustic)
02. Glory Road (acoustic)
03. A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (acoustic)

Set 3:

01. Jam(started prerecorded)>
02. Dark Star>#
03. King Solomon's Marbles>
04. Drums>Space>
05. Come Together>
06. Dark Star>
07. Sugar Magnolia (Tipper Gore percussion)
08. Encore: Uncle John's Band>
09. Ripple

Collection TheDead
Band/Artist The Dead
Venue Verizon Center
Location Washington, DC

Source CMXY4V > Mini Me > 722 (24/96)
Lineage Compact Flash > PC > CDWave > FLAC v1.2.1 (L6) as build in TLH v2.4.1 (Build 160)
Taped by Robert Krall
Transferred by Robert Krall


notes: #patch at 12:57 with kmr81i source


Reviewer: Winsome_Holstein_Nebuula - - April 29, 2009
Subject: God Rest Ye, Merry, Gentlemen
Hey, Now, Campers! I'll confess to a great deal of plausably warranted skeptischism about this tour. Based on past efforts, this seemed like a big fuss for a lot of not too much.

Happy the man who is sooooo wrong! I have been listening to the shows here, ( Thank You, Tapers! ), and first off - the quality for aud tapes is amazing! Astounding efforts, lads!

But most of all - The Lads with Mr. Haynes as a PART OF not just as a Hired Hand are sounding more like themselves than they have in many years stretching back into the late 80's.

Are things yes a bit loose? Yes! Thank God! Are they still learning things and how to better play with eachother? Yes! Thank God! Do they still occasionally forget the words? Yes! Thank God!

Like Phil once said, "Warts n' all!"

The Dead are playing like themselves the way everyone remembers in the memories of their best and most favoured shows. The Lads are now a BAND and not a carny act. LISTEN to them. There are moments when they are scary good!

Gone is the animous, the fretful pain of heresy, the dirge like tones and lifelessness.

This is now truly, "The Dead", and this is the band and the tour that will finally, gratefully, reverently, let Jerry go, with tears and thanks, and look forward to this moment without the rearview mirror, eyes on the road ahead, so many roads ahead.

I listened to Golden Road from Worchester and felt the tears of joy that true release brings.

I would be pretty darn grateful if Mr. Haynes finds himself compelled to choose to accept permanent membership in the band as the lead guitarist.

We will always have Jerry and the '74 shows, the epic tail end of '72 shows, the ragin' 77's and the brief shining moments of '89 -'90.

And now we have been given a gift, the gift to say good bye, good bye with thanks and without wistfullness and to embrace the new era. Long may they run.

Reviewer: brother_esau - - April 18, 2009
Subject: Why the negativity?
The fact that some of you guys are being so critical is very upsetting to say the least!
I was at opening day on Easter in Greensboro and all I can say is that the whole vibe was great it actually reminded me of 87 Tour. The cops and security didn't hassle or bust anyone they just let us all be and get our groove on even let us camp over night in the lot and party it up.
As far as the Band is concerned the show was smoking from start to finish and they were as tight as I have ever seen the Grateful Dead even back in the day! By far one of the best shows I have ever attended and could ask for anything better my expectations after seeing them in 2004 were surpassed by leaps and bounds. The mere fact that these guys are ndeed almost 70 years old and still jamming is a blessing all in itself chill out all of you and stop being such kill Joys and enjoy the Music and festivities it might not happen again!
Reviewer: climategary - - April 18, 2009
Subject: Thanks Tapers
I just want to throw out my appreciation of us old heads for the excellent recordings you have posted of the boys. It is great to see an early GD Dark Star> again, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the tour brings. But honestly, DSO over the Dead? Really? Sorry to hear that.
Reviewer: sueinphilly - - April 17, 2009
Subject: Fairly mediocre??
My mother is 4 years older than Phil.
These guys have been playing together practically since the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show (yes I know that was 1964 before the Warlocks started).

The fact that they are ALIVE and PLAYING this music for us is a gift. A blessing in so so many ways. The music could have died with Jerry. But it didn't. There was Further for a couple of years. We almost lost Phil. Then The Other Ones, and now The Dead (again) after 45 years of playing music that has meant more to so many people than you could possible imagine.

I soak every note of it in. If you can't appreciate what we have here, I feel sorry for you...
Reviewer: Kamalajams - - April 17, 2009
Subject: you said it!
right on "Dead to the Core"!!!
glad to hear someone's got their back.
ECSTATIC to hear the boys one more time around!
can't wait for our turn to groove along at the Spectrum May2nd!
Reviewer: Dead To The Core - - April 17, 2009
Subject: Fuck all you haters!!!
what kind of heads are you? do you ever listen to the dead before 72?!?!? not often...though it is the jam, but seriously The Dead has a new Lead, new Keys and the other ones havent been playing for years!!! considering all that...this is the real shit! fuck DSO they are a cover band! this is where the peanut butter and jelly is...just give em some time...sure they are a little loose but hey...they are coming out with 15 and 20 minute jams you whining happy that you get the oppotunity to hear this again...they are almost 70 years old for fucks sake!!!....i cant wait to see them in Denver, may 7! I LOVE THE GRATEFUL DEAD! p.s. Alabama Getaway is for real and the best part is the setlists...honestly they are pulling from all 30 years!!!! cant be beat...if you dont like this then your guineas are too few...can you imagine what will come of this if they continue to tour for say..2 more years...they could be something beautiful!!!!!

4 stars because this is actually happening!!!

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile...
Reviewer: Mr. Charlie - Lambertville - - April 16, 2009
Subject: The misicianship is still clearly there.....
....but they're not sounding to tight. Thanks for he dl. I plan to see them in Albany, NYC and Philly. Lets hope they tighten things down a hair....its been a while.

Warren brings an interesting element. He's more clued in then last time around.
Reviewer: amdew717 - - April 16, 2009
Subject: Thanks for the opportunity to hear the show!
fairly mediocre playing so far but still glad that someone was kind enough to upload and share it. I will be sticking with DSO for my Grateful Dead fix.
Reviewer: luvzrel - - April 16, 2009
Subject: Thanx!!!
Thank you so much for the show!
Reviewer: Twigg - - April 16, 2009
Subject: dancin in the streets
I agree Grate show thank you tapers and happy b-day to all of us who made it to the party.Space> is back..?:-) awsome ride!
Reviewer: Diggz - - April 16, 2009
Subject: Verizon
Great Show. Great scene. Looked like one big birthday party went down in DC!!! I miss Jerry :( But great show great time!!! H-9th baby!!!
Reviewer: creative muffin - - April 15, 2009
Subject: thanks!
sounds great! they jammed in NYC on the 30th and and looking forward to more shows to come!!

i miss my boys....thank you for posting
Reviewer: Loser_Boy - - April 15, 2009
Subject: kudos
totally agree with comment below. Verizon is misspelled in listing but show is awesome. friends helping friends. thank you friend
Reviewer: vegas taper - - April 15, 2009
Thank you MR. KRALL for all you do! Your recordings of this tour, thus far, are Wonderful! The promptness of the Upload is Greatly Appreciated! I hope to be able to shake your hand and buy you a beer in LA, if you travel that far with Spring Tour...

As for the Dead... I am super impressed with Warren this tour. He has done his homework this time =) Peggy-O is the highlight of the recording for me.

Thank you again to the band and God Bless the taper community!
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